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Photo by Red lemon photography

Photo by Red lemon photography

Hi Friends!

My name is Laurissa and I'm a Mindset & Fulfillment coach certified through Centre for Applied Neuroscience. I'm here to provide positivity and empowerment to my fellow women warriors.

Are you feeling stuck and ready for a change?

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Let's work together to optimize your mental health through stress management and mindset work. I want you to feel that purpose, happiness & fulfillment in your life that you deserve!

My main goals when coaching you:

  • Uncover your true purpose and direction

  • Learn to live authentically

  • Develop a greater self-awareness

  • Simplify your life to reduce stress, and increase joy

  • Become the person you are meant to be

  • Build confidence through love and gratitude

  • Build a supportive community where we can empower one another



Life Coach

photo by red lemon photogrpahy

photo by red lemon photogrpahy

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